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Welcome to PF101 | An After School Personal Finance Program

How much financial education did you have growing up? Don’t you wish you had more?

Financial education is not a trend – It is a tool that all students need to successfully navigate throughout their lives, whether they are dealing with managing their checking/savings account, establishing and maintaining good credit, investing in the stock market or in mutual funds, buying a car, buying a house, filing their taxes or even establishing their own IRA. Learn more …

Welcome to PF101 | An After School Personal Finance Program

Students Speak Up

Aaron Moore is a student at Overlea High School in Baltimore, M.D.

Aaron earned a perfect score on the National Financial Capability Challenge, an awards program announced in December by Treasury Secretary Geithner and Education Secretary Duncan, designed to promote financial education among high school students across the country.  Following is a recent excerpt from his May 3, 2010 White House blog entitled:

The Future of America: Financial Literacy Education

“I encourage all students to take advantage of the financial courses offered at their school, join a Career and Technology Student Organization and receive that knowledge that is available to them because not only does it benefit their financial well-being, but it also benefits the country’s. Additionally, I hope that the National Financial Capability Challenge continues for many years because it honors students for their achievements, promotes financial education, and encourages them to be knowledgeable.”

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